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Hello everyone,

I am in the process of creating a new brand for a hair salon called 'human'. The client wants to be a little different from the clean cut/elegant norm for a salon and wants to have a more fun and approchable identity.

They want to be a bit more funky and cultural diverse and have specified a deep pink as their main colour.

Please let me know your thoughts - I'm not precious and can take critism!! If there is a different way for me to look at this, please help. I'm becoming a little blind to the project...



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forgot to attach!

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I like the colors of 1 but I like 3 best. I would try removing the cross bar of a or trying another font like Chalet that has a more pleasing a.

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Good brainstorming!
#1 look a bit like something for charity.
#2 looks good but maybe lack a litle fun? Combine with concept of #5?
#3 is fun but I think putting two dots over the "u" changes the meaning in the word, "hüman" ... actually wery funny. Maybe move the dots inside the "a" and modify it a litle?
#4 looks like it is an ambiagram so I started looking for other ways to read it or some other hidden meaning. Could not find any. Hard to read to.
#5 I like the sissor cutting the letters. Maybe a bigger sissor? I'd like to se the sissor changing another word into "human" by for example cutting an "o" into a"u" or something like that. By cutting away something it should go from ugly to beautiful, hard to pull off I think.
Maybe try to cut "HAIR" away from "BEAUTY"? The letters "HAIR" could fall down and maybe look a bit hairy? Or write "HAIR" on top of one letter or all the letters in "human" or Write "HAIR" a lot until it looks like a hairdo?
Looks good so far, best of luck!

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1 - Looks like a free font (is it?). Don't go with this one.

2 - Looks very 70s. This is good if you want to go this way, bad if you don't.
Is that Arial Rounded for "HAIR & BEAUTY SALON"? You may want to switch to Helvetica if it is.
Try taking the swash off the 'h' and using the scissors to cut the swash from the 'n'.
The 'u' looks slightly high. Try moving it down a hair.

3 - Not sure if I get it. Is it supposed to be a happy face or just a 'ü'? I like the font choice for "HAIR & BEAUTY".

4 - Very 80s. Again, good if you're going for 80s. The crossing of 'ma' is just screaming to be turned into scissors. Try turning the counter of the 'a' into a handle, and sharpen the "blades".
The 'a' and 'n' look a little short compared to the 'm'.

5 - Not sure if cutting humans in half is the kind of image the salon wants to convey.

These all seem a bit tame to me. I think that you have a great opportunity to use a lot of flowing swashy curlicues and such, especially since the client asked for a fun look. I'd go with more than one shade of the pink, and more than one grey.

- Lex

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lex> number 2 is Alba artificially bolded

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thanks for all your comments - really appreciate an outside point of view. I should have been clearer in my initial message that the client actually wants a retro look and feel to the salon.

Will have a bash at some of your suggestions

many thanks


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Given retro and hair, maybe you could throw in some of those curly waves. (Not quite sure how to describe it, or if they have a proper name. Sort of a series of parallel sqashed sine-waves...)

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1. Ahh.. the "a" is the failed Quark logo! lol
2. Not a huge fan of this one. I've never liked this typeface, but that's just me.
3. My favorite.
4. Eh.. Looks a bit too space-age to me.
5. I like the idea, but like Lex Kominek said, not sure if cutting "human" in half says cutting hair.

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I'm drawn to 3 and 4 as well. 4 seems a bit more daring. 3 a bit more accommodating.

5 is just a tad too cheesy...would get lost in the yellow pages with every other scissor/salon logo.

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