My last article: "Court Design"

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I am looking for feedback about my new article: "Court Design".

You can read it at:


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Very nice treatment of the topic.


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Thanks, Hrant!

(But you already know the article, ha-ha!)



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I still have to give it a second read, but I was very impressed. I am unfamiliar with some of the historical contexts to which you referred, but I felt that the topic was well handled. like I said, one more read and I may be able to offer some more useful comments.

I can say that the translation to english was a bit garbled in places. the disturbance to my comprehension was only minor, but nonetheless present.

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Dear PlainClothes,

You can find the article best edited and illustrated at:



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is it available elsewhere? anyway, that's where I printed my copy from. thanks, Ramiro!

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