YWMAN italic fat face w/ swash ball terminals

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Anyone have any ideas on a close match to this.


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You might like Stilla.

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Thanks Yves, I have looked at that and that definitely has the right feel, but I love that cap A on my example and am hoping to get closer.


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This is one of my favorite victorian-era didone headliners. I don't know that it's been digitized. Carousel has some of these full ball terminals.

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Thank you both, those are faces that are in the ballpark, but maybe I'll have to redraw some of the characters I need, luckily I have some great reference to work from.


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I'm not saying one should do this, but Thorowgood Italic could be a starting place from which to modify the thin legs to add the ball terminal swashes. (The actual Thorowgood swash letters are shown as alternates in the "Homage to the Alphabet" book from Phil's Photo, and they are not the same as your samples, but the letter contrast is close I think.)

- Mike Yanega

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