Jana Thork type family

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Hi guys,

Now I can finally say that Jana Thork family is released and available at MyFonts!


This type family can be seen as a historical approach that considers our increasing needs for freedom in a post-historical world. Jana Thork is a synthesis of the stone engraved capital letterforms and the uncial and half-uncial calligraphic styles.

The idea of the typeface designer, Ricardo Esteves Gomes, was to seek the limits between our uppercase and lowercase mental concepts. In this respect, it unites references from both Roman and Celtic cultures in one place.

The Jana Thork family includes more than 120 extras including ligatures and swashes. If you want to use open type features you can see them all (ligatures, swashes and fractions) in one font file, that is Jana Thork Pro.

This family can be useful to compose titles, short texts and letterings that need to look attractive to the eye.


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I think it´s great! I can see in your job research and historical approach. Congratulations!

Jarbas Gomes

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Gosh! How wonderful. I didn't expect an uncial face could look so nice. Those swashes are lovely! :)

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Excellent work! Very Creative.

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