Didot and Garamond fonts

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Hi everyone. It's a pleasure to start my study here with you. my name is Guilherme and I'm from Brazil. I'm doing my monograph about this two fonts, which are used at VOGUE. Yes the fashion magazine. Can anyone tell me of the history of both, their designers, anything? I'll make a compare with both and with the magazine to realise if this two fonts are used in a correct way.
I hope that you understant what a need.
God bless you all

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Hello... this isn't nearly enough but,

Didot is one of my favorites... Orginally 1700s by Fermin Didot...

Garamond was designed by Claude Garamond in the 1600s (I think, I think)...

Doesn't Harper's Bazaar use Didot, too?

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Jonathan Hoefler did an ambitious revival of the Didot types for Harper's Bazaar. He also published an excellent specimen for HTF Didot which provides a good deal of historical information about the neoclassical style. You might try contacting Jonathan at Hoefler Type Foundry and see if he still has any copies of his Muse no. 1 Didot specimen available.

-- Kent.

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