Need some Serif inspiration...

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Im looking for some serif font inspiration for a identity job

At the moment im using Amasis:

but am looking to put together about 6 different options...

Does anyone know of that fantastic long forgotten serif font that
can be dragged out and used again, or have any other suggestions
on great serif typefaces ? The letter A is quite important in the identity...

i also like...

Goudy Old Style

Silverado RR Light


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Under my eyes, Amasis is more a slab than a serif.

i think Goody Old Style and Silverado have in common a very "oldstyle" look, they sound out of date.

consider le monde livre, angie, bullen, collis, fedra serif, charter, maiola, goodchild, the serif... these are contemporary, they have a personnality, some are real serif, some are slab.


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Schneidler? Joanna?

Conga Brava can be interesting in a way, although it's almost italics :)

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hey you know what? I was actually going to name Joanna, then I thought I should focus on the contemporary ones. But Joanna rocks.


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Hey, Thanks for your help... Charter it is, fits the bill well
Thanks Again

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