[archeology] Ancient shrine to Romulus and Remus located

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Probe reveals ceiling of grotto under Palatine hill

Rome has revealed what its leading archeologist says is "one of the greatest discoveries ever made," a lost shrine dedicated to the ancient city's mythical founders. Andrea Carandini told a press conference yesterday that a large vaulted hall beneath the Palatine hill was almost certainly the fabled Lupercale – a sanctuary believed by ancient Romans to be the cave where the twin boys Romulus and Remus were suckled by a she-wolf. The professor acknowledged the evidence was as yet not totally conclusive, but said only "one doubt in thousand" remained.
John Hooper
November 21, 2007

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In other archeological news - who said Ancient Persian was a dead language? It's getting five new words! http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=8608300500

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Cliché-ridden-Reuters-clip on the "Wolf Cave" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxmOednSYmY nice!

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And this just in... "Rome wasn't built in a day!"
(who knew?)

interesting. I wonder how well preserved the 75% that's filled soil will turn out to be.


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who said Ancient Persian was a dead language? It’s getting five new words!

Ya see, Si? Clay (OK, stone) does get some respect! :-)

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>Ya see, Si? Clay (OK, stone) does get some respect! :-)

Yay! That was my thanksgiving wish!

And bringing this back to type the BBC delivers...
"All Roman mythology is linked to the city, tied up with the city's typography and with precise locations," Professor Andrea Carandini, of Rome's La Sapienza University, told BBC News.

via http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7107071.stm

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Yeah… and there are enough splinters of JC's cross around to build a new Ark for Noah… ; )

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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