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we are trying to find the logo for our upcoming studio,
and after hours (or weeks) of work we became blind to it,… it seems.
could you please tell us your opinion about the logos,
what you hate, what you like, how to improve, what to put to the trash.
thanks a lot

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I really like the first two, especially no.1.

The typeface really compliments the brand name - chunky, industrial etc. It may look even better if you reverse the logo out of a box with one side slanted.

3 and four dont really have the same impact.

hope this helps


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I liked the first but the white space between "O" and "T" should be reduced.
Also, the rest of your letters are giving an extended 3d feeling except the "M".

All the best.

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What is the company about?

Logo number three reminds me of the movie "Topgun".

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I LOVE the 4th one.... the type used is so inviting and warm. The mixing of the fake cap "m" and the other characters are awesome. Honestly the 1st and second seem too trendy to me. Being young and working with a lot of "hipsters" (haha) I see this kind of stuff all the time, of course your specimen is way better executed.

I really like where you are going with the 4th, great work.

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#4 IMO has the best potential. With a few more tweeks I think you might have a winner. #1,2 and 3 are nice, but feel a bit in the moment. This is what I like about #4: readability (I'm not feeling the font choice though), the two wing feather vs three and letter spacing. You might want to try the font used in 3 and let it breath a little more and instead of the three wings use two. just some thoughts.

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1. It's bold, unique, and not full of fluff (ie, 'to the point') so as to not to interfere with the rest of your brand and portfolio.

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Of the four, the type of number three looks most lokomotiv to me. Agreed with hola that the type should be loosened a bit for the sake of readability. I, too, see the Topgun thing, and am wondering if the wings were turned upside down they'd resonate "train" more than they do "flight." But it'd have to reduced to 2 bars, because 3 might look too much like an E...and then maybe only use it on the right...this would suggest an industrious forward moving that TOO much suggesting?

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I'm into 4 as well. Much more friendly and attractive, less datable.

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Definitly no 1. together with a nice thin subline (somewhere).... maybe in the right corner. Subline MUSIC STUDIO or sumthing... its a great piece.... what font do u use?

// made in sweden

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hello, thanks everyone.
kulander, all the letters used where made by ourselves.
it is for our design studio, called lokomotiv.

numer four was the first approach.
we dropped it, because we wanted to look more hip :)
personally, i think that numer 1 suits best,
also because: "It’s bold, unique, and not full of fluff
(ie, ’to the point’) so as to not to interfere with the rest of our brand and portfolio."

sorry for broken english :)

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Hip? Hip passes in a whiff. Go for nr 4, maybe fiddle around with the wings, like this:

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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4, 3, 1, 2

In fact 4, 3, 1 (2 just doesn't make make the cut)

And between the three, 4 is way the better one!

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I love 4 too! And I'm super hip.

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lol @ haley

thanks-a-lot :)

i really like bert’s proposal, too.

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No. 4 is my favourite too, because the wings reflect the shape of the type.

Web Design Hamburg

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2 is interesting looking, but flipping the wings around loses the effect and makes them look like really abstracted quotes.

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Like I said before, I see stuff like No. 1 and No. 2 all the time.

"Hip?" What a scam.

No. 4 looks classic.... go with 4.

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I think #4 is the better choice. Number one is an interesting and appropriate typeface, but needs lots of tweaking. #1 may also work if the type is slightly tilted. From turning my head, the type seemed to read a lot better. So push both ideas.

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"Like I said before, I see stuff like No. 1 and No. 2 all the time."

Well, wings is nothing new either. ;o)

Everyone seems to be arguing for #4, and, on second look, I think that's fine as well. So I'll revise my suggestion and say go with 1 or 4. I still think 1, while perhaps a tad trendy, is clean and simple enough to stand up to time.

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I find the m of 4 leaps out, the weight distribution and the formation of curves need to be sorted out. Also saw the Top Gun motif, especially in 3. Which leaves 1 as the best of the bunch for me, I think there is scope for improvement in the spacing and possibly in the line breaking.


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