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Hello everyone - iam new to the board. Can anyone help with the following query.

I have picked up a version of Fontographer 4.1.2 and am trying to import illustrator eps files of a logotype I have just developed into fontographer. However the 'import eps' option appears not to work due to lack of memory, no matter how much i allocate to the programme, and a simple cut and paste of the ill. vectors just gives a greyed out guide in fontographer.

Is there any way to use the ill. vector AW without having to redraw the characters in Fontographer.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Here you can find the complete manual of Fontographer.
EPS documents you can't directly import.
The best way to 'import' a glyph is with copy/paste. Make sure the settings are set to copy in PICT format. I'm a Freehand user but I heard that it's possible in Illustrator to change the settings.

Good luck

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Try saving the eps file as an older version. I think illustrator 7 will work. Just to be safe though you could choose "illustrator 1.1." It should import then. My guess is you're trying to import AI9 or 10 files, right?

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save it as version 6

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if you are doing :

illustrator : Edit --> copy
Fontographer : Edit --> paste

then you are going to see gray oulines or fills - template layer.


illustrator: save the artwork - version 6.

if the image is excessively long - divide the artwork into two or more character cells.

David Hamuel

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Yeah i tried version 6 and that works. Simple really. Cheers


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I'm something of a Fontographer newbie, but I believe you should be using an older version of Illustrator, such as 5 or 6, to copy your logo (I use version 6 and it works just fine). I think the problem is that from version 7 onwards, they made changes to the way Illustrator works with the clipboard. Actually, there is even an older typophile thread about this very topic:

here's another tip: once you get an older version of Illustrator to work with, don't just press Command-C to copy your logo/glyphs, press Option and go to the Copy command in the Edit menu. Then go to Fontographer and use the Paste command in the Edit menu. This is advice given in the Fontographer manual and also in Chank's tutorial, which I recommend:

Good luck with everything!

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