Pairing Lubalin Graph with…

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a geometric sans like Avenir or Avant Garde. They have similar geometric foundations so I'm thinking either is a pretty good match for a headline/body copy relationship. Thoughts?

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I'm currently working on a branding project using Lubalin Graph in the logo, and although I'm not completely decided, have been playing with serifs (such as Century Schoolbook) for use as a secondary/body copy font.

I guess I'm taking the opposing view in that similar can be to much, but opposites sometimes attract.
Although of course it depends on the context in which they are being used.

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> Avenir or Avant Garde

If one of these two then Avant Garde.
It is Lubalin Graph without serifs
(designed by Herb Lubalin as well).

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>If one of these two then Avant Garde.

Apart from the look, both are quite unreadable … cause he mentioned "bodycopy".

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Well, not body in terms of book layout, but a stationary system. I think the legibility of either is sufficient for this use.

And to clarify, Lubalin Graph (slab serif). I wasn't aware there was a sans.

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

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