How long, o Typophile?

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So, when do we get our next new featured face? Super Duty is nice and all, but in my not-so-humble opinion, I'm ready for something else. Even a non-sponsored face for a while...

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no kidding

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Maybe a daily or weekly font from user submissions could keep things interesting.

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Rotating the fonts is great, but it does take time for the good people at Typophile to implement. While a daily or weekly font rotation is wonderful in theory, it would add a lot more work for our friends in the administration arena. The idea of having a sponsored typeface is to help generate revenue to keep this community going. I'm glad they've come up with ideas like this so we aren't subjected to zillions of Google ads and annoying ads from media farms.

Just saying :)

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How much does it cost to sponsor a font?

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It wouldn't take THAT long to implement; SIFR the font needed, change a couple lines in the CSS style sheet... boom! You're done.

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oops i started another post withtout seeing this one first.


If we have to paypal a little donation so that we can have 1 or 2 more typefaces to make a rotation with (I agree by the way, it's not such a big job to program), i'm ready to do so.

let's replace it with comic sans !

for the sake of max vox i'm KIDDING of course.


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hm.... For the sake of an argument, folks at Typophile corporate, how much do you charge for a font to be featured in this way?

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Is this open to professional fonts too? I'm sure that the deep pockets at the corporate foundries like Adobe and Veer would be all too happy to show us their stuff on Typophile.

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Super Duty a professional font…

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The time that management allows each face to remain in the featured spot is what makes the concept nice from a design standpoint. Three or four faces a year gives each one just enough time to overstay it's welcome a little, but isn't so short that users don't have time to process and latch onto the new look. The look is fluid, but not nebulous.

Really, as long as the face is kind of chunky, I don't think it matters what it is.

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Really, as long as the face is kind of chunky, I don’t think it matters what it is.

It doesn't have to be chunky...

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There's not just programming to consider, but solicitation of new faces, negotiations, contracts/license agreements, vetting each typeface, bug-testing, etc. Even small chunks of time add up, and take away from running a business and working on a zillion other bug fixes and new features that we request. I don't exactly know what goes on under the hood, but I know a ton of work goes into programming and administering every aspect of this site and it's all a labor of love that we benefit from.

I've personally grown fond of Super Duty and its strength in this application, as I did Beorcana before it - I would echo Eric's sentiments. I'm not sure that I would enjoy a constantly rotating font in all the headers. I mean, I love to see different fonts, but there is a certain comfort factor in coming to Typophile and seeing a consistent look over a period of time. I like the warm fuzziness and stability of it all.

Of course I look forward to being pleasantly surprised when a new typeface is introduced here, but it will be a bit of a shock to the system.

I don't know what the fees for featured faces are, but the folks at Typophile have mentioned this sponsorship program in multiple threads and said interested parties should email them. So that's what I would do.

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I'm all for a consistent look; I guess I have the opposite long-term effect from Super Duty as you do? I've grown to quite loathe the typeface as a result of its use on this site. But I might be the only one. I was sad when Beorcana was taken down. That was a nice font for this purpose, in my opinion. I will honestly state that I'm probably the least qualified to speak on such matters, though.

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I never understood why Super Duty was chosen for this purpose in the first place. But more to the point...I, too, am ready for change, please. Comic Sans would be fun to see on April 1. And now I'll wait patiently.

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I got it from upstairs that they do hope to change the font soon. They also say that if you want your font to be used contact for an ad rate sheet.

I think this is all very subjective. Yes, Super Duty is a lot like watching Die Hard over and over. But, Jimmy G is an awesome designer and the font has its purposes. I was one who didn't really like Beorcana for this purpose and was happy to see it go. (But I do love the typeface!)

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And on the flip side, I quite like Beorcana, but SuperDuty makes me want to hurl.


Thank goodness it's become easy to ignore.

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Super Duty can't be that bad... It never even got a single mention in the "worst typeface in the world" thread.



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I really don't thing it's such a good thing to put a typeface up there for so long that at the end, everybody hates it.

I love sundried tomatoes, but give'em to me at every meal and I might end up sick thinking about them.


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Gosh, after feedback like this, I pity whoever buys the space for their typeface next. If a proper queue doesn't form, and the new typeface stays in place a little too long, boy… will people begin tearing it to shreds! Not a good use for my ad dollars…

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I love the sponsor font idea also, and think Super Duty would be perfect for certain applications, but in my opinion not this one. Especially whens it's applied to long post titles, i would never set an entire sentence in it...

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If a proper queue doesn’t form, and the new typeface stays in place a little too long, boy… will people begin tearing it to shreds!

But if we all liked the same (insert item here), there certainly wouldn't be much need for creativity, would there? ;-)

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Honestly I'd love to see Comic Sans up there for a while. It would get people's circulation going! Ok, a very short while. And we'd have to make sure every letter is a different color. That's how it's meant to be used, you see.

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>And we’d have to make sure every letter is a different color.

Or maybe we could use that hideous purple you use on your blog ;-)

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That shade of purple happens to match Vanina's lovely icon- your icon, Simon... less intriguing.

Mikey :op

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I like purple - I have all of Prince's CDs - just that particular shade of purple... could be a T-mobile phobia?

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Sii, did you know that the original name of the chap in your avatar is Snusmumriken (Swedish ). I know him as Nuuskamuikkunen (Finnish), one of my favourite Moomin characters.

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Prince is yuckie but talented. He can play anything right?

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Super Duty is fine for a few words, but too hard to read more than a few words. How about a monthly face?

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David R

let’s replace it with comic sans !

for the sake of max vox i’m KIDDING of course.


let's save that one for the first of april!

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>Sii, did you know that the original name of the chap in your avatar is Snusmumriken (Swedish ). I know him as Nuuskamuikkunen (Finnish), one of my favourite Moomin characters.

Yep, he's known as Snufkin in the English translation - - Moomins came up here - and I switched to the Snufkin avatar - will stick with him unless the Hawks make the playoffs.

Cheers, Si

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>Or maybe we could use that hideous purple you use on your blog ;-) {sii}

Huh? It's fuschia! The color of the 8th chakra! The most creative color!

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You people wanted Comic Sans you got it. Season's Greetings and all that.

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That's awesome! Way to go Vinnie! I think i need one more exclamation!!!

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YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Comic Sans, everywhere on Typophile! I'm so glad and relieved. And knowing that MS is supporting Typophile with a sponsorship is all the sweeter. Thanks Joe, you made my day. And thanks, Si! Aw heck, thanks Vinnie! It's Christmas! God bless us every one!

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For the record, the switching is easy. Super easy. Making the arrangements with interested indie type designers turns out to be a bit harder. We're changing all that. Stay tuned and enjoy the comic relief.

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Blub, it's such a proud day.

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i'm speechless.

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This place is wierddom heaven.

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At last: a typeface that's readable!

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how do you shrug your shoulders typographically?

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Party time! Thanks, Punchcut! :-)


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Is this the ClearType version of Comic Sans?

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I'm going to start a thread with a Euro sign on the title, just to see Euri again. I miss it...

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This is another historic moment in the life of Comic Sans. It should definitely be documented on the Wikipedia page

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Fall in love with Typophile all over again ;)


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