Logo Design for Salon - Panache

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Here are my preliminary designs for a logo for a salon called Panache. They just did a complete remodel and would like a new logo to reflect their new look. The following is a brief description I was given of the salon:

Main Colors…Copper/Shimmer Bronze

Contemporary & Classy/Modern

Brushed Steel Benches with Black Leather

Straight Lines

Silver w/Black accents

Taupe w/Green in it

Soft Blue shimmer in massage area

This is a link to the styling chairs for the salon…they are black http://www.takarabelmont.com/custom_express_plus/color_config.wu?categid...

Let me know what you think.... the last one was just for fun. :)

| UPDATE 11-30-07 |

I have posted some new ideas based on feedback from the client. What you think?

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I don’t really feel like any of these really work. A & B look dated, like something I saw on a shampoo bottle a few years ago. C & D are just gratuitous and don’t reflect high-style. E looks like you were starting something and walked away from it in the middle of merging some letters, F looks like it goes on an environmentally-friendly kids product.

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Thanks for your input James. Do you have any suggestions as to which direction I should pursue... Are there any of these I should try to develop more or should I just go back to the drawing board?

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I think D had the most potential. Fits the brief best. I would work on that.

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