Typographic Times: Richard Kegler, Preissig, Ellen Lupton & Diacritics

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November issue of the Typographic Times:

Interview of Richard Kegler
“I would like to think our fonts open up Design history to a wider audience.”

Portrait of the Czech inspired Preissig typeface
“Preissig’s typographic work focused on the desire to find a true Czech typographic identity by addressing the predominance of diactrics in the Czech language.”

Interview of Ellen Lupton, author of Thinking with type
“I emphasize design as living practice—not theoretical debates, but doing work in the studio. I emphasize the public, communications value of design not inward personal expression.”

Presentation of the Diacritic project of Filip Blažek
“Web pages of the Diacritics project contain an overview of accents used in European languages which use the Latin script.”

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