Matching font for DIN

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Is there anyone that knows what font I could combine with DIN? I'm looking for a classy serif font. It will be used in longer texts. DIN will be used for headlines and lead.

Alternative it would also be nice to have a sans serif font that is very legible in long texts. Depending on the clients wish I'll offer both alternatives for him to choose from.


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according to me: sabon, baskerville, utopia, caslon, fabiol, mrs eaves.

do not mix 2 sans serifs on the same page... if you are looking for a sans serif that will be ok on long runs, try cronos or bliss.


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FF Eureka + FF DIN is sweet.

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Check some slab serif faces – PMN Caecilia or TheSerif. Or FF Olsen.
And something from Gerard Unger comes in my mind also, maybe Oranda BT – which is quite cheap – if you don't need OSF.

I would not mix FF Din with another Sans, could cause problems with contrast …

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I made a combination of Underware's Dolly vs DIN and that looks kinda nice.
Sabon also seems to work. This is also an option I'll present.
I'm not a big fan of slab serifs and personally I don't think that it matches with DIN.

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I've found a really nice combination. I tried DIN with Dolly and it fits perfect, imho. The client liked it too, so I'm happy.

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Good that you've found your solution.

BTW, mixing two sans faces can be risky, but it's not a dogma. It depends...
Here's the picture with something that is surely not beautiful, but IMHO neither totally ugly or dysfunctional.
Sorry for no word space adjustments and random choice of text (I wouldn't really use DIN for Habsburgs :-)

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What is the typeface used for the body text in your "Habsburg" snippet above? I want to say Meta, but I can't tell from the small font size. Looks nice though....

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