Any other guitarists out there?

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Clever ever. Sign me up. How do I get mine?

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I am a pick snob but these are nice.

My favorite ever was Mel Bay green, but they stopped making them.

I like to use a light pick for the first 2 songs so I don't knock my guitar out of tune or break strings (too much adrenalin) - once I'm settled in I go to a medium which is my weapon of choice.


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Yes, this one looks a little thick and stiff on the picture. I would ruin myself in E strings if I used one of those.
Nice pun, though.

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you know, i actually bought my first guitar from mel himself. he was a great guy - genuinely interested.

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Strum quite a bit on my acoustic, haven't played electric in years but theseDunlop Tortex are my favorite picks, and they last forever...

I also like Fender lights for playing acoustic but they break easily.

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Not to change the subject from picks, but has anyone tried out any of these Orange amplifiers?

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I like the red Dunlop Tortex picks myself. I recently picked up some of these Dunlop stubbys, and though they take some time to get used to, they're quite nice. Takes a fairly different style of playing though.

As for the Orange amps, my friend had a nice sounding 4x10 or 4x12 Orange cabinet many years ago. Although, at this point I'm sure it's the company in name only (sort of like Danelectro, although their reissues are pretty nice cheap guitars).

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Orange was a nice tube amp in the day, but as mentioned they have revitalized the brand.

Might read up here—

These are class A, which IMO is what you want.

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Does it work with Guitar Hero III?

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Those tortex picks are truely indestructable. I once dug a hole in the ground to bury a dead cow with just a tortex pick on a stick, and I still play it... And that RockWell is great! I am going to get me one. :)

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