glass window painting

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A friend and I are thinking about trying our hands at glass window sign painting. Our neighborhood is ripe for some life in it's signage because let's face it, squished and stretched giant arial on banner vinyl swinging from a beige awning just doesn't cut it.

our drawback is we know very little and we're having a hard time finding reliable resources regarding materials, techniques, etc... i'm guessing at least a few typophiles have participated in this activity so I humbly request your insight and experience. We are mostly wondering where to start with paints so that cleanup and removal is as easy as possible later on


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I used to paint on the windows of my family's grocery store all the time. You can use just about any paint from the hardware store and any brush, though the pros probably use One Shot and horse hair. I've never had any trouble cleaning it off with a razor blade. This is a case where experimentation is a good teacher until you find someone who can tell you exactly what to do.

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concider cut self adhesive vinyl.


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it sounds a good idea, let me know what's turn out..

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Here are some links to demonstrations by John Downer, who is both a crackerjack sign painter and type designer:

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