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Finaly, Regles:Zero issue 01 is available for download at

it's a 12,7mb Adobe PDF file full of goodies and interviews !

The next issue is coming soon, if you want to participate, please send me an email.


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An excellent first issue. Energy and love of type bursting off the PDF!
I think Stephane must need some help with translation from French to English and vice versa for future issues. Any bilingual French/English speakers here?

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Yep, exactly. i'm in need of a good translator french/english english/french. I tried to do it by myself and a canadian friend helped me too, but it's not perfect.

Btw, the Eric de Berranger interview is only in french and it's a problem. It's a great designer and English people have to hear what he had to say !

so, any help is needed and welcome to translations, articles, types presentation, artworks, pdf spreading etc etc...

;) i'll do the best for the 2nd issue


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Stephane, great mag!

BTW, I can go from French to English. In the font world, I've done some stuff for Thierry Puyfoulhoux (Présence Typo) and ATypI. But more than a paragraph or two at a time I'd have to charge for.


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Great. i will distille the paragraphs you will translate in a expert way ! ;))

Best regards.

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You could quite possibly do yourself, and your readers, a favor with the next issue and use Distiller to create the PDF - better results, more control, smaller files.

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