(x) Chiro-chiseled semiserif in Karastan Brochure - Gilgamesh {Florian}

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Hey gang. (Sorry I've been so MIA.)

My love for semi-serifs goes unabated, so I'd like to know what
this is; and I have a feeling it'll be a breeze for you hounds...



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Hi Hrant,
that’s Gilgamesh.

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don't be such a stranger, hrant. we miss you!

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Florian, thank you!
I wonder why the caps are so tame.

(Paul: thanks.)


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Welcome back Hrant.

Yeah, that lower case is superb, one of the better realizations of the calligraphic feel in roman type. I wonder why Gills, who also did the very nice Charlotte stopped designing type...

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I love Gills' work, especially Figural. Last I spoke with him (about the surprising resurgence of his Fling, thanks to Martha Stewart's Blueprint mag logo) he said he wants to get back into it and has some ideas on the table. But that was nearly a year ago.

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Also in this vein, Puyfoulhoux's Laricio and Cicéro.

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