Fonts with "Co" ligatures

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After viewing the thread about Lubalin Graph's Ligatures and alternates.
I started wondering if there are any other typefaces out there that have built a "Co" ligature.

My 5 year old son Connor has been writing his name with the "o" inside the "C" ever since he learned to write his name. We never showed him to do this, but he does it every time. I think it's cool that he has chosen to do this and am very thankful that his teacher hasn't decided to "correct" it.

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designer genes?

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I hope so. :)

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>My 5 year old son Connor has been writing his name with the “o” inside the “C” ever since he learned to write his name.

Do you live near a tire shop?

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Imperium has it, and I believe that Kartago does, too, though I can't be sure from MyFonts.

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Here is Kartago's character map, with the ligature.

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@ Guerella

I am sure, its a typical (typocal) kind of merchandizing gene. From 1900 up to 1930 we find lots of ligatures like "Co." and "Cie." (both: Compagnie) in Germany.

May be, Connor has german roots?

This example is from
Ludwig & Mayer, Frankfurt am Main
Erstguß 1926
Eduard Lautenbach


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That's an interesting observations. We might have had a lot more Co ligatures if the nature of business hadn't changed so much.

In place of the old mercantile organizations that presented themselves as grand and solid, we have companies promoting cute and cuddly brands today (Think Unilever)

Btw, Connor might also have been influenced by this:


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There are also a lot of lovely ligatures in Viceroy (custom) by Andrea Tinnes & Verena Gerlach.

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This is Anker-Romanisch from Schelter & Giesecke, 1908
So we can see: 100 years ago the typograpists already
developed phantastic ligatures.


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I think Estilo or Estilo Script has a CO ligature.

That Anker-Romanisch is sweet!


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You would have thought Mantina would have one, it has a CI

Cheers, Si

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Actually Mantinia simulates ligatures just the way the letters fit... It looks close

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I believe the Avant Garde has this as well in some editions.

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Dalliance Ligatures has an "&Co." character

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I'm tracking this…

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You're tracking a three year old thread?

ATF's Boston Script has an &Co. character as well.

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