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Hi guys!

I've actually already got an identity ( )
but I'm not happy with the name "bloobseven" since a lot of people and clients ask me what it stands for.. and it doesn't really stand for anything but is rather a "" name.

So I've decided to make it more personal and switch to my name "michael nagy" I've already sketched a few ideas

and after a lil bit of doodling I came up with this idea

The M,N and G form the pencil. MN stands for my name "Michael Nagy" and the G stands for "Grafiker" which is german for graphic designer.
However. In the cleaned up versions a lot of people read ECO insted of mng. Any ideas on how to make it more legible?

The font for the name is Myriad Pro. Is this a good solution in your opinion? I like Myriad cause it's versatile and not overused but I'd gladly take any typo suggestions into consideration.

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I think the reason people are seeing "ECO" is that the letters are stacked vertically. I'd try something horizontal instead.

As for Myriad, I see it used everywhere, simply because it's the default typeface in Photoshop and Illustrator. It still looks nice though. You might want to either go with a typeface closer to the letters you've drawn in the pencil shape, or make the letters in the pencil look closer to the typeface used for your name.

- Lex

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It looks lke ECO also because of the angle. Maybe you should straighten it

In fact symbol/logotype relation is a little awkward. They don't seem to share the same language. If that's your symbol, you should probably try something like Neo Sans for the name.

But isn't a pencil a rather too obvious solution anyway? I much rather preferred the initial typographic options. The last two of the first set looked quite stylish.

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I think a nice type treatment would be better, too. Don't want to hit your audience over the head with the idea that you're a graphic designer; they'll get that with "grafiker".

Just thought you might want to see this, too.

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hmm shit.. can't use that then.
Back to the drawing board then.. The only problem I've got with a typo only logo is that it might look too simple leading the potential client to saying "why should I hire him if a typo logo is all he could come up with"

you know what I mean?

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"why should I hire him if a typo logo is all he could come up with..."

Not really. Most successful design and identity firms have extremely simple, usually typographic, logos. You make your statement by the refinement you bring to that simplicity - fine typography, exquisite spaces, restrained use of colours...

In fact a sort of neutrality in your own identity is often a good thing. You're saying you don't have a particular style, you can design whatever your client's brief requires you to.

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Well, I went back to the drawing board and came up with these 5 ideas/sketches.

a and b. Just some typo explorations using Neo Sans

c) the initials of my name in my own handwriting

d) my full name in my handwriting

e) (my personal favourite) while playing with a paper clip I found a way to combine the M and N in a nice way. I'm not sure about the font though. I'll gladly take any type suggestions into consideration.


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I would only keep c & e ... the rest are not as elegant as those two.

For c, I like your handwriting, and it has a nice energy to it. What do you think of the balance between the initials and the text? I'm wondering if the space between the 'n' initial and "Nagy" could be negotiated a little better.

For e, I immediately thought "a bent paperclip," which is really neat. The paperclip is a good concept to work off of, because it's such a banal object, yet at the same time you would really notice if it were not designed well!

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@nhlvladek: I agree with you on c) it was just a concept I threw together in 15 minutes without any finetuning.

For e.. As I've already said.. it's also my personal favourite :)

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going way back to the first set of options...#3...I think you could play with that some more.

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registered nurse?

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hi guys!

What do you think of my type explorations?

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I like that mark!

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Wow, much improved from the earlier ones you posted.

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has everyone overlooked this in my previous post? it was concept (e) :)
However.. What do you think of my font suggestions? Personally I like the third in the top row and I think it fits quite well since the mark is loosely based on NeoSans "N"


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"What do you think of my font suggestions? Personally I like the third in the top row and I think it fits quite well since the mark is loosely based on NeoSans “N”"

I like that and the Franklin Gothic one. Also because those two have a nice hierarchy of weights. In fact with the Neo Sans option I wish the difference in weight was even more pronounced i.e. use Bold or at least Medium for the name, as against Regular(?) now.

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By the way, you may want to enable the 'fi' (in Grafiker) in the Neo Sans option.

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I agree with wd. You want to make sure there's a nice discrepancy between the weights. You don't want them to 'almost' be the same weight as the mark.

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I like the second one in the top row, and the second one in the middle row.
And I saw your last two posts at the same time, which is why I only commented now. :-)

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@all: I agree with the discrepancy between the weights. I've changed it now to Medium and Light.

@wd: I can't get that ligature to work and as far as I've read the NeoSans info .pdf
it doesn't have one for "fi"

cheers mike

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Both look nice, but I prefer the horizontal over the stacked version.

You may need to finetune that terminal. Also perhaps slightly increase the gap where it bends back and approaches the diagonal:


"as far as I’ve read the NeoSans info .pdf it doesn’t have one for “fi”"

In the Neo Sans Pro version I have, it's there:

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I think I've got my final solution guys, I put the symbol into a circel to ease the conflict between the symbol and the name.

what do y'all think?

I'm pretty happy with it :)'s picture

I agree with you Michael! I like your last one, It has a very sleek and modern look to it.

Elias Tercero!

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I like it too, except for the gradient inside the circle! :-)

IMO, you should make the circle a flat, even black, so that you don't run into problems reproducing the logo in situations where you are limited to printing in just one color.

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I like it too – nice work. It takes a lot of confidence to take peoples advice in such an open forum. You don't have to choose between gradation and not. Simply have a print and web version. Anyway, rarely these days are technical limitations such that you couldn't hold a simple fade.

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I intended to make a print (no gradient) and a web version anyway. Thanks for the comments guys. I'm glad you like it

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