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I recently discovered Soma FM. It's delicious.

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Velvet Underground, Air, Adam F no streaming radio though, I'm on a modem.

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As well as SomaFM I listen via iTunes to FlareSound:

Here in Los Angeles we have the excellent KCRW, my favorite show on which is Metropolis, weekday evenings:
but my radio reception is awful for some reason (I'm in Hollywood). Unfortunately KCRW only stream on the net using RealPlayer which is by far the worst of all the players. It invariably freezes my system within ten minutes of the start of a stream.

I'd listen to more classical if there were any decent net stations out there, but I haven't found anything yet that I like anough to regularly return to. BBC Radio 3 is very good, but isn't always playing music - plus it, too, only streams RealPlayer.

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My wind-up radio is permanently tuned to BBC Radio 4. Streaming radio stations? Pah :)

iTunes regularly illuminates my space with Crass, NoFX, LTJ, Fugazi, Capdown and the prefectly wonderful but typographically dubious [Spunge].


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What did you think of the new Fugazi album? I say don't fix what ain't broken.

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new Pet Shop Boys single, new Apoptygma Berserk album, New Order "Someone Like You" 12"s, the whole And One backcatalogue (I heard "Deutschmaschine" and got hooked instantly), new KMFDM "Boots" single...

My wife loves the original Bombay The Hard Way CD. When I told her the title of this new one, she just about lost it. If you like crime soundtrack music, blaxploitation bongo struttin' music, et al, check out Barry Adamson.

I "spend" money on fonts, whereas I "blow" money on music.

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bbc radio 1 plays some really interesting stuff through the radio shows of steve lamacq and john peel in the afternoons after 1pm mountain time (take 1 hour off if your on the west coast), the only thing that isn't great is that it only runs on realplayer unless someone can tell me how to run it through itunes, i've managed to load virgin radio so it is possible for some stations.

i think it was radio 1 that introduced me to super furry animals which is one of the cds i listen to quite often.

kcrw's morning becomes eclectic is also really great

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personally, I stay clear of streaming audio since I tend to use all available resources on my workstations. I stick to my trusty portable Sony.

as for inspirational sounds, there are a lot in my collection that get me going, but a couple are regulars. someone already mentioned the indespensible Velvet Underground -- check out the boxed set, what a collection! but the most necessary and inspiring library for me is Cabaret Voltaire. pick any of the albums from 74 straight through to the early eighties for some wonderful noise to submerge you in your creative juices!

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chillout in paris / cd by david visan (buddha bar)
racoon / universal vibes
paris lounge, by day & night
ambient boxed / a guide by instinct
hôtel costes quatre / mixed by stéphane pompougnac
talvin singh / back to mine

and not to forget NPR

[ to name a few ]

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just another attempt by the MAN to keep us down.

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You dont want to be saying things like that on May Day, Kevin, you'll be labelled a terrorist. :)

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Or worse yet, UNAMERICAN!


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we celebrate the holiday a little differently where i come from:

Michael Surtees's picture for a trip hop fix, caught some great live massive attack stuff earlier...

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There is nothing as amazing as a recent CD I came into. It's by a bloke named Francis Dunnery and I never get sick of it. You can get it for super cheap at and trust me it's $4 well spent!

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And I've been impressed with EpiphanyRadio and BassDrive, both streamed 128k via iTunes/Kerbango.

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Save Internet Radio!


America's fledgling Internet radio industry could be effectively killed on May 21st if the Librarian of Congress (1) accepts the recommendations of its recent Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel ("CARP") concerning Internet radio royalty rates and (2) sets impossibly-complex recordkeeping requirements.

Congress passed a law in October, 1998, called the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) which established that webcasters must royalties to record labels for the music they play. However, the CARP's recommended royalty rates are currently more than 200% of most Webcasters' gross revenues!

If Copyright Office accepts the CARP's recommendation, most observers believe that the decision will effectively kill Internet radio, as the retroactively-owed fees would bankrupt all but the very largest Internet-only webcasters (and would probably trigger the shutdown of most broadcast stations' Web simulcasts, including almost all the educational and community stations ).

Read more background here or in an editorial from the San Jose Mercury News.

From what I can gather this is regarding US legislation only, however non-US listeners to US stations will certainly be affected.

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Coleman Hawkins
Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grapelly
Dock Boggs
Lightnin' Hopkins
Jack Teagarden
a lot of misc 78s and 45s

nothing by the Velvet Underground

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Alas, the RIAA's fees have killed
( and I'm sure many, many others.

*sigh* A sad day for indie labels and internet radio...

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Goa all the way, baby!


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