Help! Feminine Business Card...

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Hi guys:

Here is an image of a calling card for a friend.

Is it cute? Or not cute enough? Is is spare in a good way? Or too spare?

I'm still working on the colors too.

Thanks for the input,

Mike Diaz :-)

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I'm a fan of minimalist design, black and white, and cropping words - all of which you have. But something about this makes me uneasy. Have you tried using a smoother script or something a little lighter? I feel like the cursive shouldn't take over the card as much as it does.

On a different note: the cursive "ferrell" is lost when viewed as it is. I just thought they were squiggles. Maybe do the common-sense thing and put "erin" at the top and "ferrell" at the bottom both right-side up?

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If you're going to use a hand-written script face for "farrell", use one with a good set of alternates so the "rr" and "ll" combinations look a little less mechanical.

When I tried to read the upside-down "ferrell", all I got was "ppiaaj".

- Lex

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Following you guys's advice:

More new ideas:

I'm trying to mix Emma script and Yanonne Tagesscrift

This could be all by itself on the font and the address on the back

I like this one but... its not cute

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PS... For sure, I love the colors. i just need direction everywhere else.

Mikey :-)

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echo echo...

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So what does everybody think of the new cards I made? Should I continue to explore emma script and Tagesscrift?

Thank you :-)

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I like the first one, minus the last name. Only "erin" one time in the script font.

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