Please critique my Logo

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I designed this masthead logo for a newsletter project in one my college classes. I'm not sure if this is the best typeface to use. Thanks so much for your feedback!

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Let's see it. Please use the insert image link below or attach the file, or provide a URL.

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I think the font looks very generic, almost default, plus the type size is way too small for a masthead.

Address those issues and I think your newsletter 'rss' will be a winner.

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The typeface itself does not seem particularly inappropriate, but I'm not sure the entire graphic integrates very well.

What newsletter is it? The way it is now, it looks more like a logo for a cake shop. It may be an idea to post an image of how it appears on the page.

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Make sure your image is RGB and not CMYK so people who use Firefox can see it.

- Lex

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The curilique at the top is a little too thin in certain parts of the spiral- this may be problem at print time.

Mikey :-)

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