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Is Mini7 The "Helvetica" of the pixel fonts?
Someone knows what is the smallest screen font of the world? It`s so hard to decide?

Top 10:?

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I rate Mini 7 highly, as well as Silkscreen by Michael Kottke

Theres also a few at

and Hooge at

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*i looooove redensek from (the only typeface i have specifically dreamed about :) )

* bangalore, from , the first script screenfont i saw... and fell in love with.

* Atomic media´s remote

* v5's Eastergothic


*Bitmapmania's Gaudi

*Clickscape/clickscope by pixelarts

and i really really don't like hooge ;)

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Bangalore is the first great pixel script I've seen
- and the only one until I saw Miguel's stuff.

Miniml has some great work if they'd just add
another pixel between glyphs.

I'm a fan of Mark Simonson's free work:


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thanks kemie, for mentioning the fonts ive
created a while ago (clickscape / clickscope,
by the name of pixelarts)...
the bad thing is that the pixelarts site is
no longer available, but if anyone is still
interested in the fonts, please send a email
to: and i will send them to
you... thanks...

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Hooge (pronounced Huge?) is over at

Joe, i learned of this site from a post you made...i think...


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Nevermind. Look upwards in the thread. It's right there in a post by Craig.


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Jason Kottke did Silkscreen.

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> ...the smallest screen font of the world?

a candidate:



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Anybody knows where I can find Hooge 05_54 ????

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"Hooge" was in the top search words in our T'phile
logs last month. Apparently you're not the only one
looking. I'm not familiar with the actual font. Can
you post a sample?

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I love Fonts For Flash. They're cheap and you get great quality. Many small fonts there too.

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