A (little) help needed... <( 'ω' )>

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I would be grateful if you could give me some info about these topics!
1) Thermography/ Thermographic Print (characteristics, technologies, mechanical made thermog.proofs ...)
2)Holography/ Kinds of Foils, technologies ...
3)Size and type of FONTS used in CIGARETTE packaging ...

........ thanks anyway!!

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About number 3: Check out this thread.

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Thermographic inks are heat sensitive so they get heated and they puff up. It is often used as an inexpensive option to egraving. When the ink puffs it acts kind of like dot gain and letter edges grow and counters can fill in.

Holographic foils need a opaque white under colors. Check the sheet sizes as the foil sheet may not match the size of the base paper or board they are being laminated to.

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Um.... if you're designing cigarette packaging you might want to check out the thread on Design & Social Responsibility


and the link within to


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Thank You!!!! i'm a student doing some research, not designing any packaging.... i saw a little preview about the book "Smoke gets in your eyes", seems interesting... i wonder if it is distributed where i live, in greece...

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They should print the cigarette warning messages using thermographic ink. "If you smoke, black crap like this cheesy thermographic ink will coat lungs"

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