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Hello to the board!

I always wondered during the last days what kind of entry present I could offer to the typophile community. Well, I just had been working on a logo for a mineral water and the client (like always) took one of those alternatives I did not really favorise. So I sadly looked at MY best version, my darling, meditated over it for some minutes and suddenly saw that there could be some glyphs hidden in the geometry. Mmmmh, I thought, I can also WRITE with it (if one can read it is another question)...

Now I want to present the result to your critical eyes: a desktop in two sizes (1,280 and 1,024) that I will upload to the desktop gallery. In case it does not arrive there or gets delayed somehow, everybody can also see it and download it from my homepage in
1280 or 1024 format.

I truelly look forward to your feedback but have a bit mercy with a design newby like me.


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Oh dear!

I think I made a mistake with the url codes. Shame on me! Second try! Go to
1280 or 1024

I checked it and now it works!


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i'd like to see the whole character set, or at least as much as you have. it's so alien, but it can be deciphered relatively easily. interesting, especially the o.

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