Typeface and target groups

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Hi, could anybody please help me find some background material on the connection between typeface and target groups? Is there any such thing as the perfect typeface for elderly / young etc.? I've been studying www.kidstype.org, but can't seem to find anything else.

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Juliet Shen's ATypI Brighton talk on M. F. Benton contains some information on olde tyme conceptions of what makes a children's face.

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Young people = tiny sizes ok.
Old people = Large sizes necessary.

If it's readable, it's readable by everyone, just adjust size for age. Bembo, Garamond, Gill Sans, Dolly, Really, Corundum, Miller, etc. are good for text. Curlz, Matura, Bickham Script, Exocet, Ed Interlock, and Broadway are not.

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