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I have a client who is looking to redesign their collateral. Currently they use Gill Sans as a text face and a modified version of Ottomat (set at a loose tracking of 50+). The current design is sparce and polite, safe and conservative.

Recently, my client realised that they need to appeal to a younger market, and so have requested a redesign. Trouble is, the organisation is a part of a larger state government body, which has just gone through a design process and allocated Palatino LT as body copy (very office-like).

So with Palatino LT as a starting point, I need to develop a typography that achieves the following:
1. Allows the expression of emotions - tourism is motivational
2. Is attention grabbing and has an interesting cut
3. Is slightly feminine (but not girly)
4. Is sophisticated to reflect a sense of style
5. Is legible
6. Has the ability to work in complex tables and cartography
7. Works as a display face to introduce sections

The typography can be made up of a series of typefaces with a similar theme, not just a large single family (ala Clan).

Fonts I have been looking at to date include:
Priva, Parry & Parry Grotesque, Dolly, Stag, Fling.

I am going blind, racking up a great font library and not really getting any closer to a solution. I'd love to get something designed, but budget and time don't allow it.

Any suggestions???
Thanks in advance.

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It would help a lot to know what business the organization is in. Also what is the desired tone of the communication? You mentioned tourism; is it a destination brand?

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