* Announcing the Winner of the Typophile Tee! *

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives us great joy to announce the long-anticipated winner of the first annual Typophile Tee contest. But first let's thank our judges, Rich Roat (House), Jonathan Hoefler (HTF), Erik van Blokland (Letterror), Carlos Segura (T26) and Cyrus Highsmith (Font Bureau), who gave of their time to help us select the winner today.

We'll thank our judges by sending them copies of the winning tee for themselves and their staff.

Without further ado, our winner was: shirt # 29.006, submitted by Mark Simonson!


Mark will receive the $250 prize donated by Los Angeles-based Apollo26 and three shirts to share with his loved ones. Typophile thanks Apollo26 for their support during this contest.

The race was a close one! Here are the runners-up, in order:

1st runner up: 05.003 by "etherbrian" (USA)
2nd runner up: 38.019 by Christopher Simmons (USA)
3rd runner up: 18.007 by James Grieshaber (USA)
4th runner up: 43.015 by Jmeno Obluda (USA)
5th runner up: 45.011 by Carlos Moreno (Spain)

Other designs that received votes in the final round include:

09.003 by Tommi Kortesniemi
18.002 by Allon Kaye (England)
23.009 by Joe Pemberton (USA)
26.005 by Peter Freedman (USA)
37.005 by Heinrich Lischka (Germany)
38.018 by Christopher Simmons (USA)
38.020 by Christopher Simmons (USA)
45.002 by Dave Bruck (USA)
46.010 by Dave Chau (USA)

Congratulations to all our participants!

* * * * *
BY POPULAR DEMAND, we've decided to print a second shirt, and we'll choose it by popular vote from a selected group of the top entries. Details to follow, stay tuned. We're prepping the HTML as we speak.
* * * * *

Finally, for those of you who went out and bought jugs of milk and now have unruly, hairy, green, gelatinous masses, our sincere apologies :) You can throw them out now.


cheshiredave's picture

Very nice to see that the winning entry was one of my favorites. Congratulations, Mark!

beejay's picture

Congrats Mark! And kudos to all the other finalists....

hrant's picture

Congrats to Mark!
And thanks for doing the contest.


marcox's picture

Love the shirt, love Mark Simonson's work. When/where can I buy myself one for Xmas?

Mark Simonson's picture

Wow. Thanks, everyone. I'm VERY honored to have won. I had no idea whether I was even close. There were a lot of very good entries--I didn't envy the judges. I don't know what else to say except thanks!

core's picture

46.010 (dave chau) was good too.
is there a page with all the entries, as thumbnails or something?

johnbutler's picture

Congratulations Mark! I will definitely be buying one. What font is that on the reverse, or is that also hand-lettered?

tamye's picture

Congratulations, Mark! Your work is beautiful and classy, as usual.

FYI, Mark's the design director for TypeCon2003. Along with myriad other identity projects, he'll be designing the always popular TypeCon tees...

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The font on the back is Futura, letterspaced.

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Between now and December 14th, cast your votes for the second Typophile Tee ("Popular Vote").

Each individual may submit only ONE (1) ballot, but you get three votes, so make them count! You may cast them all toward one favorite design, or you can distribute them as you wish among 2 or 3 shirt designs.

Our top 20 finalists were chosen by Joe and I, based on comments and critiques posted by you throughout the contest, with our own personal favorites thrown in for good measure.

Vote at: http://www.typophile.com/vote/

We'll announce the winner on December 15th, and then it's off to the screen shop!


tsprowl's picture

yay Mark. the wordmark is beautiful
I'm anxious to try one on.

fonthausen's picture

The Nr1 T is really nice (Mark: i like your shirt), but I am doubting if its ought to be the winner. I have my doubts as well for the Top 5!!

This a personal opinion. I would have judged differently.


ricardo's picture

Very nice Congrats Mark!!
I'll wait for my t-shirt to soon.
Congrats and regards one more time!!


cchs's picture

Congrats Mark. For that matter congrats to all the finalists.

Thanks Jared, Joe, et al for running a smooth

Jared Benson's picture

Yes we will. We'll hold the contest around Aug/Sept, and get the shirts printed and ready for the new year.

We've identified the bottlenecks (his name was Jared) and the delays, so I expect this would all run much smoother the second time. We hope you all consider entering again! We'll try to make sure it's worth your time, as we realize everyone is pretty busy with their day jobs.


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