Font for very small buildings and streets names on a map

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I'm currently working on a map and I was wondering if you had any ideas about super elligible fonts for use with very small sizes for a map with street names.
Some thoughts though:
– TazzerText? from Lucas
– Cordid Condensed? from Lucas too
– Fago from FontFont?

Thanks in advance.


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Freight Micro is designed to be used at small sizes.

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For anything where I need a small but legible pixel font I've always used Joe Gillespie's MiniFonts. These are great little fonts and (if you're a poor bloke like me) they won't break your bank account.

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This one is made for very small grades:
Amplitude as well:
These kinds of fonts are often referred to as 'agates', for instance:

I'm also working on one such agate, but without the (unnecessary) inktraps:

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Don't forget Bell Centennial. If it's good enough for phone books, it should handle its self on maps too.

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Thanks a lot. I'm reviewing all these fonts.
I'm currently working with the Corpid and Corpid Condensed.

It's also a matter of licensing new fonts and budgets.:)


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Is Bell Centennial proprietary? If it is, there is good ol' Bell Gothic. I've used it on maps, and one good thing is that it wraps around curves nicely. That is handy because unless you are doing a street map of Manhattan, roads do tend to curve.

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