A company named Techlink

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Hi again,

Here's one for a company named Techlink that is owned and operated by a single female. She said it doesn't need to reflect her femininity too much, but a little is ok. She did say that it should look serious enough for her to be taken seriously, and she asked me to ask you guys if the logo reflects what her business offers: The company does installations of internet, networks, firewalls, security, etc.

Cheers in advance for your very handy tips!

ps. linotype zapfino for the t and vectora light for the TECHLINK
pps. her slogan is "IT Solutions", but I can't think where to place that slogan with regard to the rest of the logo, and what colour/font, etc. any tips?

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I see a squinting man with a huge nose. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

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oh sh*t, you're right! let's hope no one else notices

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The above two posts made me burst out laughing!

I see a resemblance to Gary Larson's works ;)

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Agh, why did Herman Zapf need to be such a Gary Larson fan!!

keeping with the same concept, here's option two. I'm open to completely changing the concept though.

What do you think?

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I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist ;o) :

As for what you have, I think it accomplishes the 'little bit but not too much' femininity angle.

But, it's not really doing a whole lot for me...especially the 'techlink' type which doesn't have much personality.

I'd downplay the size relation too. Try a smaller 't' and larger type and play with some other faces for the 'techlink' name.

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