Ascender creates the new Droid font collection for Open Handset Alliance's Android platform

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL – November 12, 2007 – Ascender Corporation, a leading provider of advanced font products and innovative applications for mobile devices, today announced that it designed and engineered a new set of system User Interface (UI) fonts named "Droid" for the Android platform built by the Open Handset Alliance. The Android platform is a complete mobile phone software stack that will be made available under the Apache open source license. The fonts provided by Ascender ensure that users of handsets developed from the Android platform will enjoy highly legible text resulting in easy to use interfaces.

Ascender worked closely with the Android team to develop the system fonts for the Android platform. The new Droid font collection provides an extensive set of styles and language support. Droid was designed by Ascender's Steve Matteson to provide optimal quality and comfort on a mobile handset when rendered in application menus, web browsers and for other screen text.

The Droid family of fonts consists of Droid Sans, Droid Sans Mono and Droid Serif. Each contains extensive character set coverage including Western Europe, Eastern/Central Europe, Baltic, Cyrillic, Greek and Turkish support. The Droid Sans regular font also includes support for Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean support for the GB2312, Big 5, JIS 0208 and KSC 5601 character sets respectively.

"Ascender is proud to be providing the font solution to the Android platform built by the Open Handset Alliance. We believe that handset manufacturers, wireless carriers and application developers will be very happy with the fonts provided and we look forward to addressing the future font needs across the platform," said Ira Mirochnick, President of Ascender Corporation. "We are also very excited that the platform supports our Ascender Compact Asian Font solution (ACAF) which will make it easy for manufacturers to implement additional high quality Asian fonts in a small footprint."

Ascender can offer manufacturers, carriers and developers a variety of type design, font software engineering and font technology solutions. Ascender can modify and customize the Droid fonts, add additional language support, or create custom fonts and provide additional typefaces to complement the Android platform fonts.

Handset manufacturers and carriers requiring CJK fonts with a reduced memory footprint have the option of licensing the Ascender Compact Asian Fonts (ACAF) solution which has been enabled on the Android platform. ACAF is a proprietary, scalable font system which significantly reduces the file size of Asian fonts while still providing excellent screen legibility and performance.

More information on Ascender's font and content solutions for handset manufacturers, carriers and developers can be found here:

More information on the Open Handset Alliance can be found here:

About Ascender:
Ascender Corporation is a leading provider of advanced font products and innovative applications for mobile devices. Ascender's founders are font industry experts and have been involved in developing many of the most important and influential fonts used in computers and mobile devices. Ascender provides multilingual, custom font development and mobile phone applications for a wide range of customers including creative professionals, enterprises and hardware & software developers. Ascender also provides fonts for download to graphic designers through the website and to consumers through the website.

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