kerning help?

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Hi, all-
Long-time Typophile visitor, first time forum poster :-)
I wonder if someone could take a look at these three words and tell me where I'm going wrong with the kerning?
Seems so simple, but between the upright L and the angled A and the rounded C and the upright K, etc etc- it's driving me bananas!

Many thanks!

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The LA pair is a challenge, but I think you've been staring at it too long. ;^)

Try looking at it upside down. I think the BLA and CK work. Maybe the AC is a little loose. OT looks a little loose too. FURNITURE is all over the place. That's why I think you need to take a break. ;^)

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I *definitely* need a break- you are right about that, and your other comments are right on, too! Maybe time for a sandwich.

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here's a quick go



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A huge improvement- thank you, Jupiterboy. I kept getting bogged down with pairs, and not looking at the whole line.

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