Digna Sans

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Please!, opinions for this new development.
3 weights: Light, Regular, Heavy.

application/pdfpresenta digna 2611.pdf
presenta_digna_2611.pdf (122 k)

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It's a friendly DIN! Looks very good, Rodrigo.
More comments soon.

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uppercase D is kick booty

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Joe, what do you mean? it's in a good or bad sense?

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Stephen is right. This is a frienlier version of DIN. Both 'D' and 'd' are nice. In fact, your entire notching system is nice. The only characters that seems odd, are the 'f' and the 'e'. The cross-stroke on the 'f' seems a bit high and the bold/heavy 'e' is starting to fill in from the interpolation.

Very nice.

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i meant good ie. kick •••

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Hi rodrigo,
I like it very much. It doesnt only give me a friendly DIN (to quote stephen), but it gives a little Johnston type as well.

Love your D, what about the B?

But there are still some small optical problem.

Keep on DIGNAing...


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Right, it seems there is a little bit optical problem. Maybe in the lc 'a'. Please check again.

btw it's nice DIGNA.


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Hi all,

Here there are some improvements and items to correct, look at the pdf.

Thanks a lot for your comments, but I have to say this in not a DIN font, it's a readable (maybe friendly) sans.
I mean, readable is a function, and Digna works on it. Friendship is a virtue, an adjective.

Please, could you help me with the optical topics that you mention? If you want, write privately to my email.

Thanks again.

application/pdfpresenta digna 2811.pdf
presenta_digna_2811.pdf (109 k)

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Hi Rodrigo, I really like where Digna is going, it is open and friendy. Clean and legible in the Light and Regular weights.
Favorite glyphs : 6, 9, e, g, p, m.
I think the Heavy weight needs larger counters, and S is
a bit too loose for my taste.
good luck.

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Hi Rodrigo,
Nice font. Nice clean, open and friendly. I personally like the 'S'. My concern is with the (light) '3'. It 'falls' to the left if you ask me.
The light 'c' in your PDF looks like it is in the top and bottom a little thin compared to the other characters.

Good luck,

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good work, Rodrigo. Suerte!

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Digna Sans is available from tomorrow to buy at http://www.unionfonts.com

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