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Hello everyone,

I want to insert an Arabic text in Indesign cs2, from a msword 2004 text file.
The text file i already got from the client.
Does Msword support Arabic text?( my own hunch says no)
How can i insert the text in a Indesign document, without loosing its nature?
Does anyone have a backdoor trick?
Greetings base

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I’m afraid you’ll need InDesign ME.

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See also these older threads: Arabic script encoding problems, Arabic in InDesign, InDesign ME - your experiences. I don’t know if anything related to working with rtl-scripts has changed in CS3 – I guess not.

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Yeah i am afraid so to, do you know even if ms word 2004 for mac is displaying the text correctly? Now the text has an arabic look but it indicated Arial.

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Hello, base,

I spent 5 years doing multilingual DTP for a translation agency... I can't stress this enough: Arabic is very, very tricky to typeset... And MS Word is not the best program in the world for working with Arabic! You will try to select a character on the right end of a line and will end up selecting the one on the left side... Periods will not behave the way you expect them to... I could go on and on. For any lengthy text, the best thing to do is to send the job to a designer or production artist who knows and works with Arabic text on a daily basis... There are just too many things that can go wrong if you try to do it yourself. And Arabic typesetters are scarce, so they can charge you a bundle!

Florian already mentioned InDesign ME... There is also Illustrator ME... These versions of the Adobe apps were made to deal with right-to-left typesetting (i.e., Arabic, Hebrew). If you have to do the job yourself, try to use one of these programs... Using a Western version of MS Word will just give you non-stop headaches. I kid you not.

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For word processing, you might wanna take a look at Mellel and read this thread; Beginner in Arabic.


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thanx a lot man,
is a beautifull language to see, let say being able to work with it.
best greetings

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Hope this will be of assitance to the Interested
All the Best with flowers

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