From Fontographer to FontLab

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Has anybody made the switch from Fontographer to FontLab? If so what do you think? Ive downloaded a demo and Im going to have a gander.

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FontLab 4.5 for the Mac was just released yesterday. Grab the latest demo. It runs on OS X and costs only $200 if you're a registered Fog user. The trial version runs fully featured for three days, so find three consecutive days you can set aside for testing before you install it. Mind you, the trial version of ScanFont made me decide to buy after just one day.

This software is a total dream. The Python integration will make it even more extensible. I have a number of scripts for it already, and a few big commercial Python add-ons in the works.

You need Mac OS 9.1 or later for the latest version. You can also run it on Windows, though I recommend either Win2000 or Win XP Pro. Good luck, and I hope it works for you.

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thats great, cheers, ill check it out...

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With FontLab's Python scripting ability, is there any chance that the new FontLab is going to be a Robofog killer?

Does the new version allow importing outlines from Illustrator?


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> is there any chance that the new FontLab
> is going to be a Robofog killer?

I asked that of a Knowledgable Person at the ATypI conference, and he/she said that RoboFog might become more "specialized" in certain ways (not sure how though), I assume to move out of the way of the FL steamroller.


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