Text face: ANDRON?

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Does anybody here have experience with "Andron".


I'm looking for a very complete text face for a multilingual (european) project. Now I`m in the situation that I have to decide between "Gentium" or "Andron". (it's not a question of cost)

Any tip would be appreciated.


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Dear Carl, how should I assess your comment?

My question was serious. I’m part of a team which is preparing an expert’s report on Financing Models of FTTH Open Access Networks in the EU. Besides the content we are looking for a typeface that covers all European languages as well as technical and mathematical symbols in a unique and consistent form.

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Well, if it were a question of cost, there's no question Gentium is cheaper. Will you be needing boldface? I think Gentium's only regular and italic at this point.

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As I mentioned it’s not a question of cost. My question is if somebody knows if Andron “holds its promises”. I didn’t consider that Gentium has no bold weight – a reason to exclude it.

Since now you can imagine my requirements you may even propose an alternative.

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So I gather you need full Cyrillic and Greek alphabets then as well as full Latin?

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Sorry, Arno,

I had not seen Andron before and I'm impressed. Also, nobody had replied, and I didn't want the thread to get lost.

I have not used Andron, but there are many who have; could you contact any of the publishers of other publications, named on the Andron website? One or another of them could provide you with samples for evaluation.

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Double WOW! I have never seen that font before ever. Very beautiful.

Gentium has just been undated (BETA) to include a bold weight. There are so specialized book weights.


Andron is pretty but as mentioned you need PDF's for evaluation, it could in fact be too delicate for your situation. Gentium is very sturdy.

Mikey :-)

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Doesn't Minion have a full range of characters from European languages? I'm assuming you must have already ruled Minion out for one reason or another.

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