need help with Cyrillic christmas greeting text

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I'm setting a christmas card with greetings in 6 languages, and I'd like some help with the russian (I pressume it's russian). The attached screenshot shows the text as I've copied it verbatim from a faxed manuscript. The manuscript looks a bit amateurish, so I want to make sure that the Cyrillic text is correct. 3.png

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I just tried googling C Наипучшими ПоЖeпаниями.
It returns 0 results which makes me think that something's wrong . . .

– Andreas Krautwald

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BTW: In the German one "Frohe Festtage" there is no TT ligature allowed.

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here are a couple variants i would recommend:

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Thanks for the heads up, Ralf

– Andreas Krautwald

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The correct text should be:
С наилучшими пожеланиями (if you prefer to stick to the exact text above).

Note that in Russian headlines not every beginning of a word is uppercased. So use uppercase only for the "С".

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С Наилучшими Пожеланиями! - is correct. We just talk here in this way.

And there is no matter about uppercasing. Cause it depends on final text style, using in your greeting card.

And I need some help too!
Do smbdy has any examples of hole greeting texts in english (season greeting)?

Dear Friends!
....................... - and I dunno how to fill in this space.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Will appreciate for this!
(Буду признателен за это!)

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They are an important part of any party & Christmas celebrations are factually incomplete without them. There are several more ways to create Christmas celebrations amusing & enjoyable.

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I want to make sure that the Cyrillic text is correct.

Dear Andreas, there is no Cyrillic language.

One serious—typographic—problem with your test setting is that the Russian version is set in upper and lower case, except the Ж, whereas the caps-and-small-caps style is used in other language versions…

Your French is misspelled. It should spell Meilleurs Vœux, not Meillerurs Voeux.

Счастливых Праздников would make a better Russian version of your original Frohe Festtage.

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