I need help with the AFDK

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Hi everyone,

I need help with the AFDK tools.

I have been "designing" fonts for about a half year in FontLab, and I have some work finished (sort of) now, and ready for testing.

I downloaded the AFDKO and installed the software with the "FinishInstallOSX" dropped into the Terminal.

My problem is basic... I don't know how to use Terminal well enough to use the tools now that I have them. I need the five-minute tutorial from someone who might have been through this already. Specifically, I need help with the checkOutlines routine.

Where to I put the path to the font I want to check?

(and that sort of thing)

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Brian,

If you already gone through the step of installing the tools and all went, it's actually quite simple to use them. In the case of checkOutlines, just open a Terminal window and type checkOutlines -h for getting the Help, or checkOutlines -u for information about Usage.

checkOutlines can operate on Type 1 fonts (.pfa or .ps) and on OpenType CFF fonts (.otf). To check a font file located on your Desktop you can type something like this: checkOutlines /Users/your_username_here/Desktop/YourFont.otf
Some messages will appear on the Terminal window, and a file named checkOutlines.log will be created on the Desktop containing them.

Check these PDFs to get some more info about other AFDKO tools:

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Dear Miguel,

Thank you. That's the sort of information I needed. I will try it and get back on track.

Best wishes,

Brian P. Lawler

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