Ultimate Santana?

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What a throwback. Reminds me of those fantasy covers by Yes, Boston, and E.L.O.

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If I look at that new one anymore I’ll start to cry.

But I’m sure it will stick out on the Best Buy endcap, so I guess the design is at least successful from a pragmatic standpoint.

On a related note, mainstream album covers were better when they could have tits. Damn the Walton family for their backward ways…

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If you can find a copy of Avante Garde 3 the anonymous artists on the second cover is featured. There's a double double spread of a large mandala and several other works featured. I'll get some pics in the daylight.

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Mati Klarwein's painting Annunciation (1961) was used for the cover of Abraxas.
Robert Venosa did the lettering.

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Boy, does that feel tacked on. Would it have killed their budget to hire a lettering artist to do it right? Sad.

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Is Venosa still around? He should have done it.

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There’s a double double spread of a large mandala and several other works featured.

Would that be the Lotus album cover? I still remember borrowing that from a high school pal and being blown away by the whole package -- the music, the artwork, the continuous recording fading in and out at the beginning and end of each LP's sides.

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Thanks Nick for the name, always thought it was odd that they didn't mention.

As promised—

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