Please critique my resume

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Hi everyone,

If you would be so kind as to take a quick look at my resume and critique it for me that would be great. I would love some constructive criticism if you have it.

A little background information: It is build on a 32 point grid, typeface is Georgia 10pt size with 14pt leading.

Thanks everyone!

Edit: I've edited it more to specific content and added some more work description. I unfortunately don't have much recognition or related personal experience related to design just yet. Would personal experience be considered volunteer work? The engineers without borders project as a volunteer project for free.

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A few things.

1) Under the education heading, lose the high school history. It doesn't pertain to a professional level job. I would also list only your major/emphasis under college history. Axe the college class list as well. If an employer wants to see a transcript, they'll ask for it.

2) If you have any freelance design experience or an internship, I would list it under work experience. There seems to be a definite lack of real world design experience in this section.

You may also want to reword your job descriptions as they relate to the design world. Deadlines, customer relations, communication, and general organization are all good things to think about.

Personal anecdote: When I was a student, I worked in a luggage store of all things. Very far from the design world. My saving grace was that I had a lot of experience embossing leather goods at the store (we had a 100-year-old embossing machine). This impressed my current employer in the sense that it used good typographic and hand skills. That, and the fact that you had very little recourse if you **** up a $2,000 piece of luggage.

3) I might lose the recognition portion of the resume (seems fluffy) and replace it with a personal experience section. Are you bilingual by chance? Have you traveled or studied abroad? Things to think about.

Lastly, proofread your resume. You have a few typos and punctuation mistakes, but I won't tell you where they are.

Hope this helps.

DOGG : : :

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Hey Dogg,

Unfortunatley I have extremely little experience with actual design jobs, the purpose of this is to actual acquire an internship which is required by my schooling. I appreciate the in depth feedback and will use it wisely.


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Hi there:

I would scoot all the content more to left to make it look centered... that ones up to you.

But for sure I would make the body text black and the headings and sub-heads grey. In fact, you may want to try a bold black instead of grey.

Mikey :-)

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Hi nein,

Quick suggestion, I've started using for resume review, you can post your pdf resume anonymously and get community feedback directly on your resume, it's pretty cool. I got some great advice.

Otherwise, your resume's pretty good. I would remove the bottom part about references, it just takes up room. Recruiters will ask for references if they want them regardless if you have it listed. Also, try quantifying your resume more. Use numbers, amount of time, $ amounts to describe your work experience in more detail.

Best of luck,

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