Bellas Artes

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S U D T I P O S //// N E W S // F O N T - R E L E A S E /////

When the brush of Angel Koziupa and the technical expertise of Ale Paul go face to face with the art deco aesthetic, you end up with a beautiful face like Bellas Artes. The sensual curves provided by Koziupa become players in a game of equals, where there is no such thing as the better half. Both sides of the characters complement each other like lovers in a perfect romance.

Bellas Artes is an excellent choice for packaging design, book covers, and music-related artwork aimed at the feminine demographic and classical tastes.


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Alejandro, your prolificness combined with the quality of your designs is inspiring. I don’t know how you do it, but keep it up!

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Alejandro, didn't you just release Feel Script in all its OpenType alternates glory? How fast do you push those Beziers around? ;-)

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well, they were online same week but not finished the same day. And one is 100% mine (Feel) and the other is with the great Koziupa. has that sense? :)

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I figured as much, but each of your scripts is so complete and well-drawn that it's hard to grasp how you maintain such a high output. One script each year from you would still be awe-inspiring. :-)

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