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Has anyone used Tallys (http://www.josbuivenga.demon.nl/tallys.html)? Any comments (even if you haven't actually used it)?

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I've not actually used Tallys before; as for a comment all I can say is it certainly doesn't suck.

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I like it. I wish it were a complete family but for the price I have no right to complain.

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It's interesting how many respectable text faces have popped up in the free font world over the last few weeks. But, like metalfoot says, none of these have true italics, small caps, or even a proper bold, so their usefulness for body copy is limited.

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none of these have true italics, small caps, or even a proper bold

What about Fontin Sans? It has all of these. Well, it’s a sans, but a) one of those that might work quite well as text face (though I haven’t tested it myself) and b) Fontin Serif will follow someday (not to confuse with the hybrid Fontin).
Jos is a crazy Tausendsassa. ;°)

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Fontin looks like it could be a rare exception. I'll try to give it a decent test soon.

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Tallys must be regarded more as an experiment. It's quite quirky but I think it has a certain charm. I myself wouldn't use it as a text face.

A few months ago I recieved this book which was completely set in Fontin & Fontin Sans. They work very well as text faces. On the same site I found a pdf sample of Fontin in use (it's not a pdf of the book unfortunately) and also some screens (here's one) of Fontin Sans SC in use.

Jos is a crazy Tausendsassa. ;°)
Had to wiki that, but that's a lot of credit :-)

Fontin looks like it could be a rare exception. I’ll try to give it a decent test soon.
Please do and keep me/us posted (if it's ok with Erik, because it's a bit off topic).

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Lack of italic, small caps and bold is certainly an issue, but to me Tallys looks less quirky at text sizes than Fontin. That's not to say I don't like Fontin, but if I had to choose one or the other for extended text, I'd go with Tallys.

Anyway, many thanks to Jos for offering such fine typefaces for free.

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His site is the first one where I've actually clicked a paypal button and gone through with the donation. Not donating feels almost like stealing the fonts. :)

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I started to play with Tallys but, honestly, I got vertigo.

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@ Erik: I meant quirky more in the way of how the contours are drawn. I never used Tallys at a small text size, but I'll take a look this week to see if I've missed something here :-)

@ Tom: Thanks (again)!

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Jos, it's always nice to hear directly from the creator himself. And thanks for the great faces!

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