Introducing myself to the board

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Hello - Bon Jour - Guten Tag!

I just would like to introduce myself to the members of these fori: I am new here and my name is Matthias Nicolai from D

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Gruesse aus berlin,

-- jacques

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Hello... I've just wandered into these forums myself (and am a copywriter with an unhealthy fascination with type).

Designing one's own seems like such a massive undertaking, I'm impressed with just the idea of doing it... can't wait to see yours,too!

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All german speakers should also have a look to the following german type forums:

Grüße aus Cottbus!

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Welcome! We'll hope to see your work in the critique.

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The excellent book Typo Friedl, Ott and Stein is a generously-sized encyclopaedia in French, English and German parallel text. Also available is Huib van Krimpen and Rob van de Elzen's Grafischzakboek with main text in Dutch and terms/headings translated into English, German, Italian and Spanish. Neither of these may be exactly what you want, but they may prove helpful, and both are very fine books.

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