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Hey, just a personal project I'm working on, Rustika. Just wanted some feedback. Cheers!

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One thing I think you should take a look at is the spacing between elements. The "t" is a bit too far from the "s" and close to the "i", the "k" should be kerned over more, and the period should be closer to the "a". Try the "squint" test: it should look like an even mass of black and red when blurred.

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wow, impressive. auricfuzz is quite right, get your spacing right and that's going to look sharp.

I like the idea of the decoration about the r, but it seems aloof to the r. it's like hovering above but it seems like it should be interacting more with the word, or at least with the r. maybe increase the size a little so that the stroke weight matches better with the black letters?

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