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here is a logo created for a female ceramist that wanted to start with a small company to develop a new vision about chilean pottery.

please, comments..

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I think that it is a wonderful beautiful and graceful feminine form that speaks well to both pottery and to creativity (a sort of womb). Really elegant and strong at the same time. Nicely done, cristian. Could you please provide a little more information on the meanings of the words and her vision about chilean pottery? For instance, the D doesn't seem to fit but that may be just because I am not understanding the language?

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the simple forms that provides de structure for the letter, are closed to the essential and basic method pottery is made. from the clay to the recipient (yes in looks like an elegant womb that also develops this idea).

Origen means Origin, this also remind me basic lines, and the D is a way the client use to spell out from. "From the Origin" is the final concept.

And in fact, the "D" was one of the changes the client suggested.

here is the final version, i don't know why i like more the first one.


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The new version is much better. The bold D stole the impact of the interesting symbol above it. Now it fits better.

I think the "g" could be improved, but I'm not sure how.

Paul D

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Cristian, very nice.
A more open "g" might be better; look at the structure of the one in Hobo* (no, I'm not kidding), but maybe make it more swashy.

* http://www.myfonts.com/Character?id=0067&vid=33066&charset=CP2&charpage=


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This is nice. Very soft and organic.

The thinning of the letters, as in your 'r', 'i' and 'n' ... could this occur in the other characters? I might consider making the bottom loop on the 'g' a bit more dainty, it almost over powers the top loop. By dainty I mean smaller and more narrow (not much). The bullet seems a little on this side of large also. Is the 'D' the same stroke width as the other characters?

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U were rigt when u were saying "i don't know why i like more the first one". I like the fist one more also. I think that the bold D was a great connection between text and the "graphical dot" above the "i". Now its little bit floating.
Anyway very nice work :o)

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Here is some improvement on the "g", I open more the bottom loop to make it more clear and also a little less heavy.

what do you think?

origen correct.jpg

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very nice - that g works a lot better! what about a lower case d? would that work or would it read funny?

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Huh, the "g" is sort of echoing the logo now, which is very nice - so maybe bring it even closer?


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