Advice for magazine fonts

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Hi there, this is my firts post in this nice and useful forum. I'm going to re-design a public company magazine. Now I'm using ITC Garamond for text and Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed for headline. I would go with Minion for text and Myriad Bold for headline. Feels like a good choice since they were both designed by Robert Slimbach. How about it? Thanks.

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I’ve noticed that you haven’t explained why you think that Minion and Myriad are appropriate for this project, or why ITC Garamond and Franklin Gothic are inappropriate. Address the intellectual and cultural connections between the magazine and the typefaces before you address the connections between the typefaces themselves.

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Besides the appropriateness of the typeface designs for the subject matter and tone of the magazine, you may want to consider having for the body type a slightly condensed design, particularly if you have relatively narrow fully justified columns of text. Minion is good in that regard, being a bit narrower than other similar typefaces; but of course it may not suit your subject.

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