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I'm redesigning a letterpress company's website for my web design class. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for appropriate font types or a direction I could head in for the design.

Thank you

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Yee-Haw Industries
Hatch Show Print

Those are a couple famous, old-school, letterpress shops down here in Tennessee. If I were to work on this, I'd break out my wood block type and my Machine Wash filters.

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Well, I'd say you really should be working with much more organic imagery. Likely, actual letterpress printed type.

Whatever you do, do NOT use that stretched, skewed type.

This is a great book:


Now, that said, I agree with Blue and Manlio about the wood type/worn look, BUT...that really depends on what this letterpress shop is focused on. If they mainly do 'fine letterpress printing' in the form of awards/certificates/wedding invites, etc, then the whole wood type/worn thing might not be quite appropriate.

But do focus on what makes letterpress appealing. It's a tactile medium. Show some texture in your imagery.

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Here is the letterpress "about us" given to my class:

"Operating from our home, we try to lend our signature touch to every project we work on. With ten years of letterpress experience, we have the skill to handle any job – yet our small size allows us to treat every customer like our only customer, providing the personalized attention you deserve. It is not uncommon for us to make house calls in Chicago to show paper samples, ink colors or to help with design. Mindful of budgets, our customers never have to sacrifice quality and preference for price.

In order to provide our clients with a special, one-of-a-kind product, most of our work is custom designed. Custom designs include your choice of design, color and paper."

Since they do more elegant and custom work I was thinking of thinner type. But I do like the suggestion of organic. Would it be appropriate to use an old cursive letterpress font? If such thing exists? Similar to the text on the site, "that wicked worn look."

Thank you for your help thus far.

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