TrueType and Fiery RIPs

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I think this should probably go into the "Technical Issues" forum, but apparently I've registered once & can't register again w/ the same e-mail, and in the mean time I've forgotten my password ... so sorry if this is off-topic.

I'm involved with marketing a TrueType font. (Please don't ask "why TrueType?"; it's a long story) We have not had any problem with the font until last week, when a client w/ a canon printer using a Fiery RIP started choking on it.

PDFs using the font would work fine; PS files using the font would not.

Any ideas about how to fix this, or suggestions as to the best place to look for answers?

Thanks very much.


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Thanks, John.

Re: FOG -- I did, I tried, it worked ... & now I keep expecting the Spanish Inquisition to burst into my cubicle...

Have a nice thanksgiving!


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Jay --

As far as I know, there is no "fix" except, as you found out, converting the file to another format like PDF, photoshop, etc.

The problem with TT is that it's old technology. A fiery rip is newer technology based on postscript protocols, of which TT has none.

Another quick fix might be to drop your TT font into Fontographer and recreate it as a PS font :-) but if you wanted it TT, I suppose, it would be so already.

Good luck.

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