Creating fonts of logos

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Back in the early 1990s I had a customer and I did just that for them. Created fonts out of their logos for them to use on their mechanicals.

Today, I have been asked (after all these years of no communication) if I could do it again for them.

Most of the logos are not a problem, very simple. However, one that was a killer then - is back with an additional S on the end of it. (They decided it should be a plural and opposed to the singular version.) That one had three layers, 4 key strokes for each layer, and then I was kind enough to put it all together for them so they could color each layer separately.

I don't have the recall or strength to do it again - please contact me if you do, if you want to see it, and if you want to estimate what you'd like for doing it.

Waiting to hear from you.


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I'd like to see it out of my own curiosity.

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If you are still interested please contact me. You can reach me through here. I'd like to pass your name on to the person who needs this project done.

I just can't seem to make fonts anymore - I guess I don't like drawing upon bitmap images... been too long a time.

Thank you.

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I got your email, thanks. Please feel fee to pass along my info.

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Thank you- I did. I think he's on vacation this week. Hopefully, he'll be in touch with you - and name your price!

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